NEMT Transit and Paratransit Scheduling Software

Press Release By Hybrid IT Services 1/31/2018

NEMT Transit and Paratransit agencies should have the capacity to offer reliable service to their riders and have the ability to report about each part of their operation. They need to streamline office work, their methods of communication, their data collection techniques, their planning, and scheduling processes. To accomplish these service objectives, a single-source software solution is needed, one that is adaptable and instinctive, yet easy to use and fun to work with. NEMT transit and paratransit scheduling software is the solution to this complicated problem.

The NEMT transit and paratransit scheduling software comes with a non-emergency medical Transit application that offers web-based, inexpensive and easy-to-use dispatch features that addresses your issues, regardless of whether you are a small, medium or large NEMT establishment, all you must do is install the application and you are ready to simplify your operations. Non-emergency medical Trans application has the functionality you would expect to find in a sophisticated application that enhances productivity.

Our Non-Emergency Medical Trans application allows you to swiftly build optimized schedules, has adaptable scheduling, and dispatch modules that can be customized to suit individual needs. Other functions include: streamlining back-office procedures such as billing, improving communication with drivers, and enhancing client service.


The NEMT transit and paratransit scheduling software helps coordinate drivers, dispatchers and call centres with improvements to daily tasks and customer responsiveness. Non-emergency medical Trans application is an online application that helps you assign new orders, managing exceptions along with suggesting recommendations for action and communicating with drivers. Leveraging integrated wireless, GPS-enabled devices, it enhances real-time communication with drivers to improve customer service.

Non-emergency medical Trans application delivers efficient and effective ways of dispatching service personnel and other field resources. It allows users to start their day by running a final optimization program on the schedule to determine any last-minute changes that would improve service delivery. The result is a compact, dense schedule featuring minimal travel time, minimal downtime, and minimal overtime, which contributes to the company’s bottom line by eliminating wasteful overhead spending and boosting productivity.


Non-emergency medical Trans application facilitates the assignment and execution of same day pickups and deliveries and provides real-time fleet visibility and shipment status updates, enabling fleet operations to keep pace with today’s customer delivery cycle. The application is an end-to-end enterprise solution for routing and scheduling, featuring precise location identification, digital mapping for accurate last-minute routing, and a schedule repository.

The best part about a NEMT transit and paratransit scheduling software solutions is that the in-day optimization feature optimizes the schedule during the day with real-time information both from the field and from customers. NEMT transit and paratransit scheduling software solutions also automate the decision-making process with actions consistent with the organization’s business rules and optimization goals. However, when a conflict with existing guidelines and parameters arises, the software defers final decisions to the scheduler by issuing a flag or warning that a conflict has been detected.